Ready for your breakthrough? Ready to release fear, worry, grief & pain to uplevel you & your family’s emotional wellness? Ready to better empower others to do the same?

Join Natalie & Andy Goddard, Robin Jones, Cherie Burton, Ashlee Miller, Amanda Porter & more as they share how to leverage these tools in the powerful way they were intended. 

This recording will teach you how to:

        *Learn the clear, simple, and powerful emotional breakthrough tools & process 

        *Experience interactive practice sessions live to get feedback & know how to confidently do this

        *Discover how Wellness Advocates are moving into action by supporting others' emotional breakthroughs to grow their doTERRA business  

        *Become a part of the growing global emotional breakthrough movement

        *Be well on your way to becoming an Essential Emotions Coach!!!

Never before has there been such a need for emotional breakthrough than NOW!

You can simply purchase the training recording here:

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