Spanish Essential Emotions Coach Certification

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Help others Process, Release, & Live Free

As an Essential Emotions Coach you receive:

  • The validity behind a proven system & tools that has supported individuals and families in 14 languages & 11 countries for over a decade.
  • The Essential Emotions Coaching Kit which includes:

                   -The Coaching Guide (50+ years combined experience from masterful coaches) 

                   -Emotions Breakthrough Worksheets

                   -Waterproof Coach’s Pouch for your coaching materials

  • Ongoing support through the Essential Emotions Coach FB Group & Community         .
  • Specialized Training from master breakthrough coaches
  • Be listed as a Coach on the Essential Emotions Coaching Directory
  • Personal link for 10% discount on all Essential Emotions tools in this website
  • PLUS receive a 10% Affiliate pay out

Special Price-$99 through all of September!