Essential Emotions Book & Wheel, 10TH EDITIONS

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Essential Emotions Book, 10th Edition

  • Includes updates to introduction, and both the Body & Emotions Guides
  • All oils are now arranged alphabetically for ease of use
  • The Body Guide lets you look up the area of the body affected
  • The Emotions Guide lets you look up specific emotions you want to feel more or less of
  • New to the 10th edition: 
    • All the 2021 convention release oils
    • The Feelings Guide that helps young and old easily identify how they are feeling and what oils can best support
    • Quick How-To reference diagram

Essential Emotions Wheel, 10th Edition

  • Quick-reference chart of positive and negative emotions, laminated for durability.
  • Groups positive and negative emotions into categories to help you clearly decide what you want more or less of.
  • Positive emotions on one side with oil recommendations for support.
  • Negative emotions on reverse side with oil recommendations for clearing.
  • Includes all new 2021 dōTERRA single oils and blends.